๐Ÿ™‰What is PoA?

A Layer 1 blockchain built by Apes, for the Apes

The Proof of Apes blockchain beats its chest on its speed, security, and dependability while providing low-cost transactions for all. Inspired by the inner ape in all of us in conjunction with the โ€˜Proof of Authorityโ€™ consensus mechanism, PoA or โ€˜Proof of Apesโ€™ is born. A blockchain built by apes, for the apes.

Our Mission

It is known that our past shapes our future. We came from apes and evolved to the present, human state. Though we've grown our brain capacity and changed the way we look, we are still apes and more. We are creators, thinkers, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons, but deep down, we still bear traits from our ancestral apes. Proof of Ape's mission is to provide the safest jungle with the strongest vines so that your inner ape can swing freely through the ecosystem as smoothly as possible. We will always aim to incentivize the growth and operation of the Proof of Apes blockchain, as it is as critical to our evolution as our past is to our future.

PoA tip: Evolution becomes a revolution

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