The PoA token is the native gas token for the PoA mainnet supernet. The $POA(ERC-20) token is a bridgeable 1:1 token with the $POA native. The $POA token is used for deploying contracts and making transactions while also being a store of value. The use cases are endless, and apes are truly set free to swing, climb or harvest as they please.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Liquidity: 300B (30%) 300,000,000,000

Exchange Reserves: 200B (20%) 200,000,000,000

PoA Chain Reserves: 500B (50%) 500,000,000,000

Taxes: 3/3

Max Wallet: 1.5% Max Tx: 1.5%

PoA Native Mainnet

POA ERC-20 -> 1:1 Bridged -> POA Native

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