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Welcome to the Jungle
PoA tip: the documentation is always being worked on, stop by regularly to keep up to date with deployments.
The Proof of Apes ecosystem inspires creativity and incentivizes developers to build, test, and innovate on the PoA blockchain. Through Hackathons or Developer Incentive Programs, the goal is to encourage creativity to foster evolution.
Developers creating fantastic technology bring users, and with users come more developers, and the cycle continues until we have a planet of the apes harmoniously operating all on one chain.
“Single ape weak, many ape strong.”
Building a strong community is important and that is why Proof of Apes will always aim to incentivize development on its chain. Providing an ecosystem with fast, secure, and accessible technology, developers and traders alike can interoperate to create innovative technology that we can all ape into.
Welcome to Proof of Apes!

Consensus Mechanism

PoA Layer 1 Blockchain
The IBFT PoA is the default consensus mechanism. In PoA, validators are the ones responsible for creating the blocks and adding them to the blockchain in a series.
All of the validators make up a dynamic validator-set, where validators can be added to or removed from the set by employing a voting mechanism. This means that validators can be voted in/out from the validators-set if the majority (51%) of the validator nodes vote to add/drop a certain validator to/from the set. In this way, malicious validators can be recognized and removed from the network, while new trusted validators can be added to the network.
All of the validators take turns in proposing the next block (round-robin), and for the block to be validated/inserted in the blockchain, a supermajority (more than 2/3) of the validators must approve the said block.
Besides validators, there are non-validators who do not participate in the block creation but do participate in the block validation process.
— From the Polygon Edge Docs​
Our blockchain is built using the flagship Polygon Edge modular and extensible framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, sidechains, and general scaling solutions.
— From the Polygon Edge Docs​

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with Proof of Apes Blockchain.
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